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Email Marketing Tool

Free Email Marketing Tool

Easy to use and visible email template; free trial lets everyone try email marketing without costing; unlimited contact upload.


  • Drag & Drop Email Editor
  • Data Analytics
  • List Segmentation

Email Automation

Make your email marketing much more convenient; quick and efficient touching customers; advanced automation features and boost your email marketing forward.


  • Email Automation Templates
  • Drag & Drop Automation Editor
  • Website and User Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting

Email Personalization

Multidimensional analysis report; specific open and click map which contains the times, customers, and regions.


  • Advanced Personalization
  • Product Recommendations
  • Festival Greetings

Subscription Forms

Fuel continued list growth with the right template
Grow your mailing list around the clock, collect valuable data effortlessly and share your forms across all your online channels with our feature-packed form editor.


  • Drag & drop Editor
  • Visibility Options

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