About Our

Email Marketing Run, funded in 2021, is an online email marketing tool for totally free use.

We build this online web is to solve our marketing usages at first. However, when our team began to consider and search email marketing tools, we found that many others also have the same problems as us. Thus, we decided to make this online tool publishes.

We want to help those who have the same problems as us, such as not having enough budget for marketing, not knowing how to set up SMTP to send emails, or not knowing how to code an HTML template…

Mail Sending
The ONLY email marketing tool


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Before you start your email marketing campaign, we have to verify your email address list in advance. A standard email campaign should block the risk of a bad reputation from the origin.
We provides all customers enough autonomy to specialize their email campaigns. You can customize your email template, campaign settings, list settings...
Email campaign report analysis is an email marketing platform's standard configuration. Customers can view and analyze the email campaign results after sending. A particular review is a good start for the next email campaign.

What We Can Do

Unlimited Email Campaigns
We allows all users to create unlimited email campaigns.
Affordable Verification Service
We provide various email address verification tools. All the verification tools are affordable for most users.
Functions All For Free
All functions and features of Email Marketing Run are free.